5 Beginner Bodybuilding Nutrition And Diet Mistakes

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beginner bodybuilding nutrition and diet mistakes

Muscle Building Nutrition Check For Beginners!

Nutrition is the bread and butter of bodybuilding. You cannot grow big if you do not eat right. Even if you train like a pro at gym, it is the kitchen that decides your muscle growth. I know with all the hype around weight lifting training, muscle building nutrition has taken a backseat. If you are a beginner bodybuilder, you have come to this article just at the right time.

When you set foot in the gym for the first time, you should be deciding upon your muscle building nutrition plan for the next few weeks or even months. Some of the beginner bodybuilding nutrition and diet mistakes made during the beginning days of weight lifting can jeopardize your progress later.

How To Create A Muscle Building Workout For Maximum Gains

In this post, we shall talk about some of the common bodybuilding nutrition and diet mistakes, and also lay out strategies to address them. Do not worry. This would not be like a nutrition lecture. I would be taking you through the nutrition issues in a simple fashion. Bear with me as we talk about the beginner bodybuilding nutrition and diet mistakes.

How To Create A Customized Workout Plan?

Note: Please note that the information given here addresses beginner bodybuilders and not advanced lifters.

beginner bodybuilding nutrition and diet mistakes

5 Beginner Bodybuilding Nutrition And Diet Mistakes

Calorie Counting

One of the biggest and perhaps the most common beginner bodybuilding nutrition and diet mistakes is hopping on the ‘calorie count’ wagon too early. When you do not have much training under your belt, you should not be too fussy about counting calories. Remember, it is not ‘what’ you eat that’s much important, but ‘how much’ you eat.

You can surely focus on the nitty-gritty of calories once you learn to eat 5-6 clean meals every day consistently over a period of 6-8 weeks. Before that, do not count calories. Instead, count how much of nutrient-dense foods you are eating.

Check the article below to understand more about bodybuilding nutrition.

Food For Building Muscle: Understanding Protein, Carbs And Fats

Hunting For “The Diet” For Growing Big Fast

I would not blame you completely in this regard. TV, magazines and commercials are partners in crime as well. If you have started weight training just a few days/weeks back, you should not be searching for that ‘perfect’ diet to grow muscle in short time. This is the time for you to focus on compound lifts and eating 5-6 clean meals.

A diet plan right out of a fitness magazine may not help you grow muscle if you are a starter in the bodybuilding arena. You will find countless diet plans in Fitness Magazines and on the Internet. Most of them might NOT work for you if you are hoping to get a complete body transformation in 9-10 weeks. If it was so easy, people like Arnold and Jay Cutler would not have to put in their hard work for years to carve those out-of-the-world physiques.

Stay away from fad diets or celebrity diets. Keep it simple. Here is an article to help you understand the basic of muscle building nutrition.

Bodybuilding Nutrition: Food For Building Muscle

Reading Too Much/Too Less

Trying to gain too much or too little information is one of the common beginner bodybuilding nutrition and diet mistakes out there. I have seen people in the gym barely able to even do 20 pushups or chin ups properly, and still talking about off/on season diet, carb cycling, creatine, glutamine and what not. My point is that if you have just taken off bodybuilding, you should not flood your head with unnecessary information. Read good stuff, but do not hop on to every advice laid out there.

How Many Times To Train Per Week

The same goes to people who read too little. If you do not know the basics of bodybuilding, how will you workout correctly. You need to know different muscle groups, and the exercises that hit them from different angles. You should learn how to create a beginner bodybuilding workout program as well.

beginner bodybuilding nutrition and diet mistakes

Dismissing Bodybuilding Supplements

Bodybuilding supplements are not bad. The so-called anti-supplement people lead you into believing that nutritional supplements are ‘unnatural’ and may have side effects. This is far from being true. Do not have a strong opinion in favor or against supplements for muscle growth.

Relying Much On Bodybuilding Supplements

Muscle building supplements do not work like steroids. They will not turn you into a HULK overnight. They are meant to ‘enhance’ and ‘supplement’ your muscle building diet. You cannot ignore real foods and seek your nutrition requirements from supplements to grow big.

In the beginning, you do not need many supplements anyways. A good whey protein powder or a mass gainer should serve the purpose. Advanced supplements like pre-workout boosters and fat burners come later in picture.

Which Is The Best Protein For Muscle Growth

Which are the best bodybuilding supplements?


In bodybuilding, your training ‘phase’ or ‘stage’ is important. An advanced bodybuilder would not benefit from the nutrition plan of a beginner lifter, and vice versa. Look up to the big guys, but do not imitate their diet or workout plans.

You are on a different level altogether. With time and hard work, you will eventually get there anyways. I am sure the beginner bodybuilding nutrition and diet mistakes outlined above will help you chalk out a plan to eat right and grow big.

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