App Translations Is The New Mantra For Profits

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App Translations Is The New Mantra For Profits

App Translations Rake More Moolah

App translations is the new formula for profitability.

Isn’t it surprising that applications developed across the world are written in English even though their developers do not hail from English speaking countries? According to a survey by OneHourTranslation, general business apps accounted for 40%, games (except casinos) for 30%, and the rest for 30% of the surveyed translations.

Since app developers have to address the requirements of specific markets, they translate their apps in the language of the target market. For example, developers addressing the South American market translate their apps into Brazilian Portuguese and Latin America Spanish. Likewise, in the European region, languages such as Spanish, German, French, Dutch and Italian were the target languages. For East Asia, apps are translated into Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese and Hindi. Scandinavian languages, covering, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish, account for 15% of the apps.

App Translations NOT Eyeing Arabic Markets

A huge market for Arabic language remains untapped owing to the low business potential in these regions. In addition, languages such as Arabic and Hebrew, ask for change in alignment of text display (right-to-left), which is rather costly.

Search engine giant Google has recently chosen One Hour Translation for its Android apps. The translation company observed that translating apps into main languages boosts user base and purchases five times. The company also found that app translation seems to be a low-cost and simple approach to increase the number of users and purchases. For developers, outsourcing for translation is a more economical way compared to building an app from scratch.

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