Audi Smart Display: Android For Cars

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Audi Smart Display

Audi’s Take At Android OS For In-Car Entertainment Units!

The CES 2014 is turning out to be an interesting affair. Talking about in-car entertainment, the Audi Smart Display was the eye turner at the CES 2014.

Just a few days back. Google had announced the Open Automotive Alliance, Audi being a key player in the Alliance.

The Audi Smart Display is basically a 10.2-inch Android 4.3 tablet powered by a Tegra 4 CPU. Of course, the user interface has been customized deeply. The Display offers seamless integration with the on-board entertainment and navigation systems. As expected, the carmaker has even crash tested its Android tablet.

It seems this year is going to surprise us with many more Android automotive technology units.

Source: AndroidCentral

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