Bodybuilding Motivation Tips: Iron Will For Pumping Iron

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bodybuilding motivation tips

Eye Of The Tiger!

Let’s talk about some bodybuilding motivation tips to help you get the most out of your hard work.

In most of my posts, I have talked about bodybuilding workouts, nutrition, supplementations, myths and so on. It is only when I observed that besides these, there is another extremely important aspect that is perhaps the biggest hurdle in your way to building a stunning bodybuilding physique. And that’s lack of will power. Bodybuilding motivation, therefore, is something that is of utmost importance when you have chosen the ‘no pain no gain’ path of weight lifting.

The Science Of Muscle Growth: A Microscopic Study

Let’s admit it, it takes time to build the determination and will power to stick to your workout and diet 365 days a year. Not everyone is like Arnold or Dorian Yates. But I am sure even these guys did not achieve the will power overnight.

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail

Self Discipline In Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is not a child’s play. It requires discipline. A true bodybuilder does not give excuses. You can train hard without self discipline, but not for too long. In order to remain consistent with your muscle building workouts and diet, you must nurture self discipline. You will find innumerable factors that may distract you, temptations for example. You would feel the urge to eat unhealthy foods, or feel lazy about preparing six meals.

How To Build Muscle Fast: Exploring Tension & Stress

Sadly, self-discipline is not an in-born trait. It takes a conscious effort to build self discipline. The leg day, for example, can me most challenging for most trainees. At times, you might be too tired to work out. It is then that your self-discipline will be tested- the commitment to fulfill commitments.

bodybuilding motivation tips

They Became Champions Because They ‘Believed’ And ‘Acted’

What’s common in bodybuilding legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dorian Yates? They did not have the best facilities. They had will of steel. These champions did not miss meals, barely touched alcohol, and most importantly remained consistent with their bodybuilding routine.

Looking Back Into Old School Bodybuilding: The 1970s

Bodybuilding motivation is not an accessory; it is a ‘must have’.

bodybuilding motivation tips

Of course its heavy, that’s why they call it weight.

Here are some bodybuilding motivation tips to keep you on the right track. Remember, the mind is stronger than the muscle.

Bodybuilding Motivation Tips

Be Exact About Your Goals

I want to build muscle. Nah. That’s very generic. Instead, your goals should read something like “I want to gain 10 pounds in 4 months”. Do not keep vague goals. Have measurable goals. I know this does not sound interesting, but when you start having measurable goals, you have higher chances of succeeding.

Creating The Anabolic Environment For Muscle Growth

Visualize To Realize

Guess who was a firm believer of this principle; our very own Austrian Oak, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnie once said that the body is important, but not stronger than the mind. Arnold would visualize his muscles getting bigger, something he implemented to develop those humongous arms.

Visualization does not cost you anything. It is free of cost. Why not take advantage of this most powerful technique and start visualizing your goals? For example, if you want to become more muscular, see yourself as a muscular person. Every time you go to the gym or hit the bed, imagine yourself as a bigger, chiseled bodybuilder. You can apply the visualization principle to achieve anything in life.

Jot Down Your Short-Term Goals

I know we are no longer in the habit of using paper and pen, thanks to technology. However, in bodybuilding, the good old way of noting down your goals in a book/diary really helps. When you write down your measurable goals, you would be able to track your progress. Believe me, this simple habit can work wonders in achieving a better body.

bodybuilding motivation tips

Everything Comes At A Cost

There is no such thing as a free meal. Whatever you achieve, you have to make sacrifices in the process, bodybuilding being no exception. You cannot eat junk food or miss workouts, and still walk with an Arnold-like physique. Nah! That does not happen in the real world. You would have to work your ass off, eat like a pig, never miss a meal, ignore friends sometimes, miss out on night life and alcohol, and do many other things which you hate, to become a champion bodybuilder.

Take inspiration from Arnold, who did not attend his father’s funeral to complete his workout. This might be extreme. But you have to understand that bodybuilding is not a luxurious domain. You would not be munching French Fries sitting in your sofa and developing a huge chiseled physique. That being said, a little indulgence is alright. A cheat meal once every 10 days is perfectly fine as long as you are strict with your diet on other days.

Don’t Run Away From People Who Don’t Believe In You

Criticism is not always bad. Look at it this way. When people look down upon you, you get an opportunity to prove them wrong. If they say you have a fat body, you can train harder, and prove them wrong. Take criticism, understand if it’s for real, prepare a strategy, and come back better.

Work on your weaknesses and polish your strengths. We all have weak areas. Arnold did not have great calves. So he made a hole in all of his pants, so he can always see his weak area. He worked hard and soon he had well developed calves. We all love to train our strengths- that’s easy and relaxed. It is only when you hit your weaknesses that you realize what it takes to become a champion.


The bodybuilding motivation tips work without a doubt. The problem is that most of us have grown used to searching a magical pill that can bring results overnight. As bodybuilders, we should not look for shortcuts. Train smart, train hard. But do not waste time looking for quick-fixes. Implement these bodybuilding motivation tips in your life and stay focused.

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  • Joey Jacobson

    This is ridiculous. Cheat meals? lol. You can build more muscle and faster by not training to failure, no protein drinks or supplements, eating more fat than carbs, higher frequency training sessions between body parts, not having to eat “6 small meals a day” or that gallon of water some carry to the gym with them, and if you really wanted to, smoke and drink. Try it and you will never listen to the crap these magazines and articles throw at you. You will find that most of the things are much easier than they say and very much the opposite of the truth 🙂 Cancel your magazine subscriptions, and get off the bodybuilding forums