Bruce Jenner’s Ex Wife Denies Transgender Rumors

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Chrystie Scott Slams Kris Jenner!

Bruce Jenner, who recently made headlines when he met with a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon in order to flatten his Adam’s apple, has found support in his ex-wife Chrystie Scott, who stands by him.

According to reports, Bruce Jenner wants to ‘transform’ into a woman. Flattening the Adam’s apple is a procedure, most often associated with transgender surgery.

Bruce Jenner Is A Cross-Dressing Transgender?

A source close to the Kardashian/Jenner family told InTouch magazine that Jenner even had laser hair-removal on his face. “Bruce has been obsessed with beautifying himself for years. It’s a by-product of being surrounded by vain women. He likes to be pretty.”

Karen Houghton Speaks Up

Kris Jenner’s sister, Karen Houghton, who was the first to claim that Bruce and Kris are separated, told the magazine, “Maybe Bruce is finally doing what he wants to do. He’s been through a lot. As long as people are kind, let them be what they want. I say go for it!”

Karen Houghton Reveals Kardashian Family Secrets

Chrystie Scott vs Kris Jenner

However, Bruce Jenner’s first wife, Chrystie Scott is now slamming Kris Jenner. According to Scott, Kris Jenner is trying to ruin Bruce by spreading rumors that he is a cross-dressing transgender.

In an interview with MailOnline, Chrystie Scott said, “This is a plan by Kris to destroy his life. She’s not a pleasant woman. She’s out to get him. She doesn’t want him to be happy.”

Cross-dressing rumors about Bruce Jenner have first started spreading, when late Robert Kardashian’s widow, Ellen Kardashian,  claimed that Chrystie Scott told her that she as well as Jenner’s third wife, Kris Jenner, had tolerated his cross-dressing ‘habit’.

Scott, however, claims in her interview with MailOnline, that there ‘was no suggestion of cross-dressing’, as long as she was in a relationship with Bruce Jenner.

According to Christie Scott, Kris Jenner is behind the new claims that Bruce is a cross-dressing transgender.

Scott, who is still in contact with Bruce Jenner occasionally, is actually happy that Bruce and Kris Jenner are separated.

Kris and Bruce Jenner Are Separated!

“It’s better for everyone, especially the kids that they’re not together and she’s out of his life. Hopefully they’ll have more of a chance of leading more of a normal life.”


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