Google Verify Apps Tool Integrates With Google Play

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Google Verify Apps Tool

Verify Apps For Android Malware

Android, being an open source platform, is host to malware. Mobile devices, in particular, fall prey to malware. Google has been working to ensure that Android users are fully protected from malicious apps. Now, the search engine giant has integrated Verify Apps, an Android 4.2 capability, into the Google Play store.

What this means is that every Android device with Google Play will auto-scan apps in real time during download, and alert the user if there is something fishy. What’s even better is that Verify Apps also scans side-loaded apps.

This little step from Google will help a great deal in making Android less prone to malicious apps. Prior to this update, Verify Apps feature was available only to Android 4.2 users. Thanks to the recent integration, now users with Android 2.3 or higher will be protected from spamware.

Android Apps

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Currently, Android boasts of 806676 apps for Google play. Of these, low quality apps constitute 22%. Android is infamous for spam in the form of push notification ads and icon spam ads.

 Verify Apps

Verify, which is a Google play app for android, allows you to choose whether you want to turn on the scan feature or not. If you decide to go ahead with the scan option, Verify app will start scanning every downloaded app. It will also alert you upon detecting any suspicious activity, before installing the app.

Verify Apps feature stands past Bouncer. In other words, Verify apps feature protects your device from apps that somehow made it through Bouncer. If you are an Android 4.3 user, you get a Level3 security from Google that offers OS security. Known as Security-Enhanced Linux, this security wall ensures that malware does not reach the core system. In short, Android 4.3 users do not have to worry about their phones getting bugged!

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