ICANN Dismisses Dotless Domains For Google

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Dotless Domains For Google

Google Would Not Have Dotless Domains

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) coordinates the Internet systems globally, and ensures that the systems are stable and secure. The nonprofit private organization has now passed a resolution that prohibits dotless domain names.

Agreed, Google is the leader in the Internet domain. However, that does not mean it can get its way every time. ICANN’s resolution, which dismisses use of dotless domain names, translates into failure of Google’s plans to obtain a dotless domain such as “http://search”.

In April, the Search Engine Giant had sent a letter to ICANN, requesting it to grant a dotless search domain. However, long before, ICANN has expressed that dotless domain names could have a negative impact on the Internet. According to a pdf released by ICANN, dotless domains can damage SMTP and other applications and protocols. Additionally, they could conflict with intranets.

What Are Dotless Domains

Single label domain names such as http://example or mail@example are known as dotless domain names.

Google has been trying hard to get domains without ‘dot’. Had ICANN accepted Google’s request, the search engine giant would be the first to own a dotless domain in the world. Google is not alone in the domain name space. As per reports, Amazon is aggressively entering into this area.

Google has not lost hope though. It may try hard to get the ‘.search’ generic top-level domain (gTLD),

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