Justin Bieber Tops Billboard’s Social 50 Charts

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justin bieber

Bieber Dethrones Beyonce After His ‘Retirement’!

Justin Bieber is on number 1 on Billboard’s Social 50 charts. One day after the release of his new album Journals on Monday, December 23, Bieber announced his retirement on Twitter.

The promotion of his new album through his 10-week-long Music Mondays campaign and the announcement of his retirement fueled his rise to rank 1 on the Social Charts.

Billboard’s Social 50 charts is a ranking of the most popular artists on social networks and media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

New Launch, Retirement News And Christmas = Recipe For Success

Bieber’s album release, his retirement and the release of his documentary Believe 3-D on Christmas day lead to a 56 % increase of post likes and conversations about the pop star on Facebook. On the photo-sharing network Instagram, Bieber’s posts received 31 % more likes over the previous week.

In the meantime, Justin Bieber’s movie Believe 3-D grossed $1.25 Million in sales on Christmas Day, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Bieber’s previous concert documentary Never Say Never (2011) grossed $12 Million on its opening day.



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