Microsoft Accuses Google Of ‘Fabricating’ Reasons

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Microsoft Accuses Google

Microsoft Accuses Google: Battle Continues

Google confirmed today that it has blocked the Microsoft YouTube Windows Phone App, citing ‘failure to adhere to guidelines’ as the reason. Microsoft has now accused Google of ‘purposely’ blocking its YouTube Windows Phone app. The Company also said that Google’s rejections grounds are nothing but ‘excuses’.

Corporate Vice President & Deputy General Counsel (Microsoft), David Howard, said that “Google’s objections to our app are not only inconsistent with Google’s own commitment of openness, but also involve requirements for a Windows Phone app that it doesn’t impose on its own platform or Apple’s (both of which use Google as the default search engine, of course).”

He said that Microsoft temporarily took down its YouTube app in May, and added Google ads in the app, to accommodate Google’s requests. He added that Google had asked MS to use HTML5, which was an ‘odd request’ as ‘neither YouTube’s iPhone app nor its Android app are built on HTML5.’

Howard remarked that the reasons from Google for blocking Microsoft YouTube Windows Phone App are ‘manufactured’ so that Microsoft cannot compete with Android- and iPhone- YouTube app. The VP accused Google saying that, “The roadblocks Google has set up are impossible to overcome, and they know it.

HTML 5 The Issue: Google

According to Howard, Google says that Microsoft is not complying with the T&C. In this context, it means that the Microsoft YouTube Windows Phone App is not built on HTML5. Agreed, that’s true. But what about YouTube apps for Android and iPhone? They also do not use HTM5.

The Deputy General Counsel finally said that Google does NOT want “Windows Phone users to have the same experience as Android and Apple users.” He also requested Google to stop blocking the YouTube app developed by Microsoft.

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