Microsoft Tablet OS Windows RT Under The Scanner

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Microsoft Windows RT

Asian Manufacturers Not Impressed by Windows RT

Microsoft Operating Systems have not been successful lately. Windows RT, sadly, is following suit.

The failure is so prominent that Digitimes has compared Windows RT with HP’s unsuccessful OS. Digitimes writes, “Microsoft’s Windows RT operating system may fall to the same fate as Hewlett-Packard’s (HP) webOS as most brand vendors have already stopped developing related products, leaving Microsoft’s second-generation Surface RT, the only Windows RT-based device in the next-generation tablet competition.”

Acer’s chairman echoed the same as he doubted whether Acer would continue making a RT device. Microsoft, on the other hand dismisses such notions, saying that its Windows RT is not headed for failure.

Microsoft has also been trying to tweak the OS to save the system from ending into the dustbin. It has added Outlook to Windows RT too. To generate sales and attract more buyers, Microsoft has rolled out education discounts for Surface RT. The company has also lowered the prices for the Surface RT in Japan.

New Surface RT In Pipeline

Microsoft will soon launch an updated version of Surface RT with Qualcomm processor, and possibly built-in 4G/LTE capabilities. As for the fate of the Windows RT, Microsoft is still counting on the RT for Surface RT tablet.

Source: Digitimes

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