Microsoft YouTube Windows Phone App Faces Google’s Wrath

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Microsoft YouTube Windows Phone App

Google STOPS Microsoft YouTube Windows Phone App

Earlier, Google has complained of the design and ad-free interface of the Microsoft YouTube Windows Phone App. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced a new version of its YouTube Windows Phone App to get the Google approval. But that does not end the woes of Microsoft as the Search Engine has now blocked Microsoft’s YouTube Windows Phone App. According to Google, the said App violates YouTube’s terms of use.

A Google spokesperson said that Microsoft’s recently released YouTube app did not adhere to the Terms of Service, and therefore, the app has been disabled. The spokesperson added that Google values its broad developer community, and hence, expects them to follow the guidelines.

Microsoft YouTube Windows Phone App

Microsoft YouTube Windows Phone App was working fine for some time, after which it started showing errors. It seems the Search Engine has officially canceled the API key, which MS tried using through YouTube’s ad code reverse engineering.

The new YouTube Windows Phone App does not live up to its promise of adhering to Google’s guidelines.

Microsoft’s re-released app appears to have taken Google by surprise, despite the promise of a collaborative effort to build a Windows Phone YouTube application. The Windows maker says it is working on the issue. A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that Google is blocking their updated YouTube app for Windows Phone.

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