Nike Fuelband Review

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Nike Fuelband Review

A WristBand That Monitors Your Movements!

Nike FuelBand is essentially a wristband that measures all kinds of your physical activity such as walking, jogging, running, and dancing. The wristband not only records your activities, but also converts into a fitness currency known as NikeFuel. Here is the full Nike FuelBand review.

Thumbs Up

  • Stylish
  • Simple to wear
  • Motivates you to be active

Thumbs Down

  • Compatible ONLY with the iPhone
  • Does not offer much for target training

Just Do It. Nike knows how to stay at the top of the fitness scene. The sportswear company has forayed into the fitness-tech domain with its FuelBand, aka, the Nike FuelBand. Resembling a simple yet snazzy wristband, it tracks your activities and helps you earn NikeFuel. More activity means more NikeFuel!

At the beginning of the day, you can set a NikeFuel target level. As you approach the target, the FuelBand keeps informing you via 20 LEDs. The LEDs turn from red to green as you near your goal.

Read the full Nike FuelBand review to get an idea about this fitness device from Nike.

Nike Fuelband Review

Nike Fuelband Review: Design

Nike does not generally disappoint in terms of design. Keeping up with its legacy, it has given the FuelBand a stylish design. The wristband comes in Black Ice, Black and White Ice variants.

While it is not feather light, it is not bulk either. We put on the wristband and did almost everything, from bathing to running, and did not quite ‘feel’ that there is something around the wrist! The device does not ‘intrude’ your life!

The Nike FuelBand has a smooth rubbery coating and round edges, which makes it comfortable and stylish. At first glance, it looks more like a fashion accessory than a fitness tracker.

You can control the device with help of the button on its front. One tap on the button, and you will see a stylish LED display come alive. The display will show you how much NikeFuel you have earned. In addition, it shows a tri-color band of red, amber and green to display your status with respect to your target. The ambient light sensor in the display automatically adjusts the brightness! Unfortunately, you cannot keep the display ON for a fixed time or permanently. It will turn off itself.

Nike FuelBand is water resistant, but not water proof

We liked the fact that the Nike FuelBand weathered little water (like under the shower) well. However, it is NOT waterproof, which means you cannot really use it for a long time in water, especially while swimming.

The stainless steel clasp at the bottom of the fitness band has a USB port on one side for charging. You can also charge the device over WiFi. The device allows you to share your NikeFuel stats with the iOS app as well as with your profile.

Unlike the Nike Sportswatch, the Nike FuelBand’s USB port is sturdy. We did not like the position of the USB connector as it makes it difficult to use the laptop’s keyboard while charging.

The FuelBand is adjustable, which means you can size it as per your comfort.

Nike Fuelband Review

Nike Fuelband Review:  Features

The 3-axis accelerometer is the meat of the Nike Fuelband as it measures your motions and then calculates the calorie burned using your weight and height. It also presents the total distance covered and the steps taken.

Unlike other fitness tracking gadgets, the Fuelband does not offer an exact GPA-based output. And that is why we feel the band is good for day-t0-day activities and NOT for target training. Hence, activities that do not involve much arm movement, such as the squats, cycling or leg extensions, will not earn you NikeFuel via the Fuelband.

App Compatibility

The Nike Fuelband has been designed for Apple devices. This means that the fitness band works only with the iPhone and the iPod Touch. In order for the wristband to work with the Apple devices, you would need the Nike Plus Fuelband. The app has three screens- home, graphs and Records.

The home screen offers important stats for the day, such as your total NikeFuel, and your performance status with respect to the target via the red-amber-green display. You can also check the total calories burned, the total steps taken and the distance covered on the home screen.

The second screen shows your stats in form of graphs. Here, you can see your acidity for a day, week, month and even year. The third screen shows you when you were the best in terms of NikeFuel.

How To Sync With The Nike Fuelband App

Pair the app with your Apple device via Bluetooth. Then press and hold the button on the Fuelband, and you are done!

Nike Fuelband Review: Battery

According to Nike, the dual lithium polymer batteries in the Fuelband can keep you going for up to 4 days.


We found the Nike Fuelband better than the Nike Sportwatch and the Adidas MiCoach. It looks good, is lightweight, and water resistant. On the downside, it works only with Apple iPhone and the iPod Touch. And we would have given it a five star had it been waterproof.

Download the Nike Plus FuelBand App from the iTunes store.

The Nike Fuelband costs $149 in the U.S.



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    So how do you charge it over Wifi? Does it send electrons via radio?