Nokia Never To Make A Smartphone

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nokia smartphone

Smartphone Business Shuts Down For Nokia.

Bad news for Nokia fans. The Finnish company will never manufacture a smartphone again.

Now that Microsoft has acquired Nokia’s devices and services division for $7.2 billion, new policies put ‘Asha’ and ‘Lumia’ trademarks in the hands of Redmond. However, Nokia will retain the ‘Nokia’ trademark, which it can use only on featurephones for a 10-year period only.

This means that all future Windows Phones manufactured by Microsoft’s new division will bear the Microsoft tag. In other words, the Finnish company’s association with smartphoneshas ended forever.

While Samsung, HTC and other Smartphone manufacturers have left Nokia behind, we must not forget that Nokia was the first smartphone manufacturer, long before other companies even thought such an innovation.

Nokia Smartphone

Reminiscing The Nokia 3210 & 7650

In 1999, Nokia launched the 3210 phone. The handset registered a record sale of 160 million units, putting Nokia on top of the market. Back then, owning a Nokia was indeed a ‘must’. Three years later, the Finnish manufacturer announced the Nokia 7650 camera phone. The 7650 made mobile photography widely popular, and paved way for future devices in the domain.

For now, it’s sure that the Nokia Smartphone is history!

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